Thesis Proposal

Are you planning to enrol in a PhD program or have just enrolled in one? Most PhD programs require you to prepare a proposal outlining your research right at the start of program. Since this is the start of your doctorate course, you want to take the best first shot.


In a survey done by Regent Writing team in the year 2010, over 78% candidates reported multiple rejections with their PhD proposal. Some cited issue with unviable research topics; others said that their proposal was rejected as supervisors did not find value or novelty in their research. It is difficult to envisage the expectations of your supervisor and the difference in level of expectation from master’s to PhD is so high that most candidates face rejections.


It is a good idea to seek professional guidance for completing your proposal and give a good first impression. Regent Writing aims to be your research partner and the journey starts from developing the proposal. At this stage, you know what a PhD proposal entails and how it has to be structured; however, complexity arises out of designing the research and providing rationale for choice of topic.


Our team of writers and consultants provide effective PhD thesis proposal help because they are all PhD’s and have themselves gone through this journey. Later, they have been trained in how to write a proposal, how to research and specify objectives so that the research brings in added knowledge to the field of academia.


Why not opt for our PhD thesis proposal writing service and save yourself from rejection. Of course, we work on your topic and ideas but fine-tune to the expectations of your supervisor. Our consultants help you decide the right methodology and develop the initial gap in the literature review as well.


Generally, a PhD proposal ranges from 10 to 30 pages, however, some Universities ask for a 5 pager or 100 pager proposal as well. You can share the guidelines of your University and the topic of your research with our team. Our team starts collaborating with you to develop a research-worthy PhD proposal which is accepted quickly. And in-case, it faces rejection; our team supports you in making all the required changes.


With prices starting from $ 300 for a 15 page proposal, you can estimate that our services are pocket friendly. Further, we guarantee all our clients that we will assist you with the entire PhD research on the topic and plan we provide in proposal.


Still hesitating? Yes, we guarantee on-time delivery, original writing and share all references which get cited while developing the proposal.


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