Thesis Proposal

Are you planning to enrol in a PhD program or have just enrolled in one?

Most PhD programs require you to prepare a proposal outlining your research right at the start of program. Since this is the start of your doctorate course, you want to take the best first shot.


In a survey done by Regent Writing team in the year 2010, over 78% candidates reported multiple rejections with their PhD proposal. Some cited issue with unviable research topics; others said that their proposal was rejected as supervisors did not find value or novelty in their research. It is difficult to envisage the expectations of your supervisor and the difference in level of expectation from master’s to PhD is so high that most candidates face rejections.


Things To Include In Thesis Proposal
  • Topic Introduction
  • Research/Thesis Statement
  • Research Approach/Methodology
  • Scope and Significance of Research
  • Expected/Preliminary Results and Discussion
  • Research Plan/Outline
  • Expected Budget and Timeline
Tips Of Writing A Thesis Proposal
  • Prepare a framework of what needs to be included in your proposal writing.
  • Identify the problem statement and research gaps, and mention the approach to find solutions.
  • State reasons to justify your research topic’s significance and scope.
  • Provide reasons for why your chosen methodology is better.
  • Outline your research work and approach step by step.
  • Keep your, your supervisor’s and your audience’s interests in mind.
  • Bring an original concept and get critical feedback from your peers or fellow researchers.
Why Get Thesis Proposal Writing Services In The UK?
  • The UK is home to many reputed universities and colleges around the world making it harder to get enrolled in a PhD program successfully.
  • Proposal Writing Services in the UK helps in boosting confidence of the PhD candidates.
  • The chances of getting your PhD thesis proposal approved increases because it is written by certified experts.
  • The writers have years of experience enabling them to plan the proposal professionally.
  • The country’s knowledge and subject expertise enable the experts to provide you with a well-researched proposal which is hard to produce for the young researchers.
Process Of Getting Thesis Proposal Services From Regent Writing
  • Share your subject and research requirements.
  • Tell our experts about the topic selected (or you can get topic selection services from our team as well).
  • Our experts will prepare a draft framework and you can select it if you like.
  • After the framework has been selected, we follow the format and develop the chapters of the thesis proposal.
  • Our team shares the written document with you over the preferred platform (email or our own platform for security purposes) before the deadline.
  • You can suggest changes or modifications after going through details.
  • In case of any changes, we provide quick assistance and moderation in the draft and send you the final version.

Benefits Of Choosing Regent Writing For Your Proposal Writing

Directly Connect With The Writer Through Rapid Collaborate

At Regent Writing, we vouch to keep the identity of our clients as well as of our experts hidden for privacy purposes. However, in case you want to connect with the writer assigned for your proposal writing, we can arrange either a discussion over chat or call to have a discussion regarding the research topic.

Native PhD Experts

Most of our experts are UK natives which helps them to provide you academic services as per the acceptable patterns in the UK universities and colleges. Moreover,they are able to provide better connections and correlations of your research topics with the ongoing current topic in the UK with ease.

Decade Of Experience

The team of Regent Writing has been providing academic services to masters and PhD students in the UK for over a decade now which provides us the expert’’s insight.
With our subject and research expertise, we promise to deliver quality research within the given timeline while following the promised timeline.

Support Till Submission

Our responsibility and duty do not end with the writing process, but remain until your proposal gets accepted.
Our experts provide you suggestions and make changes (as suggested by your supervisor) to make it qualified for submission.

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