Corrections and Edit

With writing a dissertation being the most daunting task, reviewing it minutely and making amendments is not easy at all. While a scholar spends months on reviewing the literature and writing it in his dissertation, he has to review his work later before presenting it to the supervisor. The researcher doesn’t know when to attain perfection in writing, yet the correcting and editing process involves the never-ending writing of the research. Your job as a researcher doesn’t end with the writing of the dissertation, instead of the writing shifts to the editing job.


Your dissertation is the synopsis of the research you carried for years and put down in words. Often well furnished and well-written research and analysis is brushed out because of the teeny-weeny grammatical, spelling, or language errors.


A large number of PhD candidates in the UK, are native English speakers; however, they are not well acquainted with the English grammar rules to follow. The need to empirically edit the dissertation for language, consistency and the flow of the sentences is essential. The entire process of editing a dissertation is not just about checking the grammatical errors but keeping a sharp eye on the words, sentence structures, paragraph structures, typos, vocabulary, jargons, and the logical reasoning of the written content with the subject matter knowledge.


Our team of dissertation editors, help you correct and edit the document with all the knowledge in their head. The editors make a point to check :


  • Grammatical flaws
  • Inconsistency
  • Sentence structure
  • Subject knowledge
  • The validity of the research question
  • The format and layout of the dissertation
  • The accuracy of the information
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Spelling mistakes or typos
  • Incorrect citation

With over 35 editors in our team, we ensure you that your dissertation will have the best editing experience, rectifying all the mistakes in your boundary of time. We have editors from all the domains and fields to bring out the efficiency of the subject and check the validity of the research and the information provided in the dissertation.