Review and Editing Service for PHD Thesis

Oftentimes, the PhD students think that there is no need of reviewing and getting their thesis edited. Even being a UK native, the students can make grammatical or contextual mistakes. Therefore, avoiding or sidelining the need of getting your PhD Thesis reviewed and edited can often lead to rejection.


Making such mistakes can harm both the academic performance as well as the career path of the student in their field of interest. To make your final thesis look proficient and polished you have to take care of formatting, proofreading and compliance with citation styles.


Process Of Thesis Review And Editing Service At Regent Writing

Select And Upload Documents


Get An Expert Assigned


Editing and Proofreading


Review By Chief Editor


Last Quality Check


Download The Edited Document



Benefits Of Getting Your PhD Thesis Edited And Reviewed By Experts

No Errors In Language

Expert editors do a thorough check and assure that there are no language errors such as errors in grammar, punctuation, tenses, spelling, typos, format, references, and suggested citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard). Moreover, we also check whether the graphical representations are readable or not.

Writing Style Gets Refined

PhD Thesis does not just have to be language accurate, but it should also be understandable. Academic experts suggest better word choices, sentence structures, reduced embellishment, and increased readability. To make the paragraphs and chapters correlated, expert editors work on the paragraph structure, logical gaps as well as the transitional flow between them.

Get Experts’ Feedback

Through the review and edit, the editors work on the overall structure of the thesis and also check whether the information feels incomplete or not. Based on the critical evaluations, the experts can provide suggestions to you through which you can improve the quality of your thesis (this level of editing comes under substantive editing).


Who Are Our Editors For PhD Thesis Editing


Our experts are native english speakers who are proficient in both the subject domain chosen as well as english grammar and rules.


We have years of experience in academia, and experts who have years of experience in conducting research work and have completed their doctoral degrees in their specialization.


To become an academic editor at Regent Writing, these editors have passed the proficiency test in which they were tested for in-depth editing skills.


In order to match the pace of time and innovation, we provide consistent training to our experts whenever new guidelines or formatting editions are released to provide the best possible output.

Multi Domains

To support PhD students from different academic fields and subject domains, we have editors belonging to all domains of academia including Management, Accounting, Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Environment Science, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Medicine, Life sciences, Economics, Literature, Applied Linguistics, Engineering, Information Technology, Politics and Biotechnology.


Advantages Of Choosing Regent Writing For PhD Thesis Editing Service

Customized Services

In case you do not want editing but proofreading and review services only, we can customize the services and package cost accordingly. With Regent Writing, you can get personalized services as per your requirements.

Spot Plagiarism

In case, our team comes across a sentence or paragraph which can be paraphrased or replaced with original statements to reduce the plagiarism ratio, we point it out so that you can easily work upon it.

LaTeX Files Accepted

Our team also accepts thesis documents in LaTeX format and converts them into word files without any extra charges. It is important to convert these files to provide you with the edited draft in track changes mode.

Transparent Costing

Like other academic services providers, we do not keep any hidden costs. The price we tell you after checking the requirements and complexity of work is the final cost inclusive of all taxes.

PhD thesis review and editing service does not include plagiarism check and removal, though the same can be done at an additional price. To request a quote for PhD Thesis Editing Services in the UK or for our other services, please email us your requirements at