Review and Editing Service for PHD Thesis

At times people often ignore the need of reviewing and editing their paper before submission and such mistakes can lead to multiple rejections To make your final thesis look proficient and polished you have to take care of formatting, proofreading and compliance with citation styles.


To save your time and to remove all possibilities of error, we at Regent Writing render our assistance to edit your thesis, remove grammatical errors and check plagiarism as well. It’s a commitment that your paper will not be rejected on the basis of poor English or silly grammatical errors after we have completed our PhD Thesis Review Services in UK and PhD Thesis Editing Services in UK.


What does the PhD Thesis Editing Service include?

Our PhD Editing Service includes the following:
  • Thorough Language Check
  • Correction of all language errors
  • Comments for major changes in writing
  • Rewriting of unclear sentences or breaking them in short sentences
  • Spelling check and correction
  • Diction and Punctuation check and correction
  • Structure, Flow and Transition check and correction
  • Logical check on the facts presented
  • Suggestions and comments for format of the thesis


PhD thesis editing services does not include plagiarism check and removal, though the same can be done at additional price. To request a quote for PhD Thesis Editing Services in UK or for any other questions, please write to us at


What is the profile of our editors?

All our editors deployed for PhD editing are PhD holders. All the editors on board are native English speaking and have had their entire education in English language. We have editors from almost all domains of academia including Management, Accounting, Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Environment Science, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Medicine, Life sciences, Economics, Literature, Applied Linguistics, Engineering, Information Technology, Politics and Biotechnology.


We have 18 full time editors and over 120 contractual editors. We deploy the most suitable editor for your thesis based on the topic and availability.