E-Books Writing Service in UK

With the massive reach of the internet and digital marketing, eBook has also become an ideal medium of marketing. It’s your choice whether you want your eBook to be a commodity or a reliable medium to market your product or services. To design a professional book, the content of the book must reflect your ideas and some great opinions for your readers who are trying to learn more about business.


However, to have the talent as well as the expertise to create an e-book is a rare combination to find. Writing an eBook carries its own challenges of being specific and informational without losing the aspects that make it entertaining and engaging too.


But luckily, Regent Writing, through its eBook writing services, can offer solutions to your growing demands and keep a note of all your remarks to deliver a finished product.


What Needs To Be Included To Make An Business eBook Successful?

Genuine Ideas

Business books are not story books and thus, they are not supposed to show the made-up scenarios of what might happen if a certain step in business is taken. Writing an ebook should not just be a one sided approach of taking a step, it must point out genuine information and ideas for the readers which can be useful for their business as well. Make sure you have enough information to put in the ebook. Avoid superficial writing and stick to the genuine approach.

Concise And Precise Information

Ideally, eBooks should be shorter than hardcopy books. Moreover, the business books have a certain readership which includes readers who are either interested in business or have started their small businesses. Time is of the essence in business and thus, the business ebooks need to be compact in terms of content so that the readers can read it. Usually, a business ebook should have about 2500-3000 words including the various graphical representations to keep the reader engaged.

Audience’s Usefulness

With a defined readership, it becomes much easier to design an outline of the content that needs to be added in the business ebook. This is one of the most important factors to make your ebook successful. Most established businesses write about their experiences in the ebooks forgetting that the audience might get inspired by their stories but that is not why they bought the book. There should be content that helps the audience grow in their businesses too. Share some solutions to tackle problems faced in a business and sorts to make the reader leave with useful information and motivation.


This Is How Regent Writing Helps You Out

Our ebooks writing service in the UK includes the following features

Focused Support

Whether you have a topic or not, whether you have a plan or not, as long as you let our team assist you, we can help you develop your business ebook from scratch. Our content strategists work together with the project managers to provide the content that fits well with your business needs and future growth.

Format & Structure

In terms of chapters and elements, eBooks do not usually have any strictly prohibited formatting style. It is all about margins, fonts and structure in which the content has been moulded. The team of Regent Writing promises no inconsistencies and errors in the format and structure design of the ebook.

Industry Specific Writing

Our team of ebooks writers consists of business SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who research on the business markets in the UK on a regular basis to provide industry-specific content in the ebooks. Our experts make sure that these insights align well with your company perspective as well as the readers’ requirements.

Unlimited Free Revisions

Being subjective in nature, the satisfaction may vary from the ebook. But do not worry as we have our no-cost revision policy. With this you can request revisions or suggest modifications in the content as per your satisfaction and our experts will make the changes asked without any charges.


At Regent Writing, our team works hard in order to maintain both the competence and aptitude to create worthy eBooks. From beginning to end of writing an eBook project, our objective is to evolve an eBook that is original, captivating and provides utility for the specified readers. Our writers have years of writing experience with substantial training and have expertise from all genres to write an eBook on various topics.

Improve your brand’s image by publishing an ebook for your business products. Connect with our team and avail our value services right away.