Writing a dissertation proposal is your first step towards writing your final dissertation. It is the most demanding section of your dissertation process which cannot be ignored. However, before writing the dissertation proposal, a topic needs to be selected.


It is always advisable to select a topic which is appropriate to your field of study, and limited enough to be completed by the end of your course. Although it is not easy to develop a suitable topic which clearly describes the aspect of your study along with its major constraint, the team of academic writers at Regent Writing make sure to develop the proposal by including all the key aspects.


Tips To Write Master’s Dissertation Proposal

There are a few things a writer should focus upon before starting writing their dissertation proposal.

Plan Your Proposal

To keep the things in the right direction, prepare a schedule and follow it. Put a lot of time for reading and initial research in the planning stage.


First Draft To Final Draft

Start writing whenever you get time. Remember do not hope your first draft to be perfect. Make modifications later to develop the final draft.


Clarify Research Aims and Significance

Do not keep the aims, scope and significance of the dissertation vague. Clearly define your aims and expectations from the dissertation which you are intending to achieve.


Take Breaks

Many times researchers forget that it is important to take breaks in order to think clearly and to convey the ideas in the proposal with ease.


Note References

Although the references need to be mentioned in the last, it is important to keep noting the resources and references used right away.


Present’s Eye, Future’s Perspective

Make sure your dissertation is targeting the present problems in the topic area and leaving the reviewers and readers with questions for future research.


With these tips in mind, the writer can develop a dissertation proposal that meets their as well as the requirements of society and research committee.


Things To Avoid While Writing Master’s Dissertation Proposal

A Broad Topic

Choosing a broad topic is often considered a drawback. Be specific about the topic and cover a limited area which can be explored and researched.

Imbalance Chapters

Keep a transitional flow among chapters. Also, make sure that the chapters are well-aligned with the volume and information. Do not miss the consistency of information between chapters.


Stop putting your work for later. Until and unless it becomes unavoidable or hard to continue, do not put off your work for tomorrow. This way you might fail to completely write your dissertation proposal as planned.

No Focus

Losing focus implies lost interest in the dissertation proposal development process. If you are losing focus during your proposal, then know that your supervisors will lose it too. Take some time off and come up with ideas to keep the proposal interesting and focused.

Lacking Organization

Organize the proposal writing tasks. Due to lack of organization, you might miss some crucials steps or might just forget some smaller points.

No Solid Points

Another mistake made during proposal writing is that the researchers / writers do not use clear statements. Research objectives, scope, significance, limitations, and other statements should be clear and make sense.


Plagiarism is a big offence especially when it is someone else’s published work. Avoid plagiarism or the proposal can get rejected once and for all.


Reasons To Choose Dissertation Proposal Writing Services From Regent Writing
  • To make the services feasible, we arrange voice calls or zoom sessions between the clients and our experts for the initial discussion session.
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  • We use references based on the research requirements. We access the resource libraries and sites like Science Direct, PubMed, Google Scholar, and so on to have a large database with relevant studies for the current research area.

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