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Business Case Study Writing Services

Writing a business case study is time consuming and burdensome. You have to be careful especially with business case study format and have to adhere to its guidelines. A case study is a unique way to tell the world of how irreplaceable your products and services are. They are not mere testimonials, but show real specimens of your ability to satisfy your customers’ demands and needs. It’s an ideal method to grow your business to the finest level. Besides, a business case study analysis requires significant research as well as insightful analytical skills, which means that in order to perform it; you have to be really attentive and goal-oriented.


Where To Start From?

Selecting The Case Study Method

Most case studies are qualitative in nature even after having some quantitative data. This means that case studies depend mostly on observations and interviews which provide open-ended answers. These methods mainly focus on analysing a phenomenon or market that relates with the business and describe it. Selecting the method should be based on the focus of research and the case that is being studied.


Choosing The Type Of Case Study

There are six major types of case study; namely, descriptive, explanatory, exploratory, intrinsic, instrumental, and collective. Deciding the method of case study as well as choosing the type of case study go hand-in-hand at times. Therefore, it becomes significant to decide on the method and type of case study beforehand.



Types Of Case Study

Descriptive Case Study

For this it is important to have a predetermined hypothesis or theory with which the subject being studied needs to be correlated. The focus remains on developing the theory further.

Explanatory Case Study

These case studies explain the cause-effect relationship between the incident and its impact. The reasons behind an incident and detailed information about the impact are described to make future predictions easier.

Exploratory Case Study

Where explanatory studies work as conclusive studies, exploratory studies are like preludes to the larger and in-depth studies. These studies provide reasons for why further studies on the subject are required and might also suggest methods for it.

Intrinsic Case Study

Although these case studies are not common in business case studies, they can be developed in certain cases. The purpose of an intrinsic case study is to develop better understanding on the subject and to stay focused on the subject only.

Instrumental Case Study

Unlike intrinsic study, instrumental study focuses more on the phenomenon which is beyond the research area. It provides information about why a subject is like the way it is based on the elements which are not included in the study.

Collective Case Study

Collective case study can be seen as a literature review. It studies a number of other case studies or reports on the basis of which new case studies can be conducted. It provides evidence through a collective case report.


How To Draft Your Business Case Study?


The case preparation process is the initial stage of writing a case study. It includes examining the case, analysing it and the existing problems, coming up with possible solutions through discussions and further research, and lastly, selecting the most suitable solution.



Once a rough idea and raw information has been gathered, the step is to draft the business case study. It is important to start with a brief introduction and background of the case, then start the case evaluation, provide solutions or modifications which can bring a positive change, and end the drafting process with recommendations.



Finally, look for research gaps or any inconsistencies that might have left unnoticed while drafting the case. See whether the case study’s objective is clear? Whether there is undeniable evidence? Whether you have missed an important component? Based on the answers and satisfaction, finalize your case study.


Key Points To Remember While Developing A Case Study

  • Keep the focus on target audience
  • Narrate your story from beginning to end
  • Follow the proper format
  • Mention real numbers used in the case study
  • Specify the business strategy


These points set the direction of your case study and keep the process on track. Therefore, it is important to follow these points as otherwise it can cause random errors.


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